Fiberglass Roving
Fiberglass roving is an elementary material in fiberglass line, and there are many types: SMC
roving, filament winding roving, spray up roving, pultrusion roving, extrusion roving, panel roving,
GRC roving, thermoset and thermoplastic plastic reinforced roving, gypsum reinforced roving,
texturized yarn, fiberglass roving with certain length, fiberglass roving for making tube, etc.
Fiberglass Roving
SMC Roving

Mainly utilized in manufacturing various of SMC composite products.
SMC roving is low-electrostatic, and is chopped for slow resin impregnation. It is combined with
polyester to form reinforced GRP for molding.
Roving density: 1200tex, 2400tex,4800tex.

Spray up roving

This product is especially designed to achieve excellent performance for spray up moulding of
fiberglass reinforced thermoset plastic products.
Roving density: 2400tex,4800tex.

Filament winding roving

Mainly utilized in filament winding and roving weave
Good abrasion resistance, low fuzz,
silane sizing, excellent solubility with epoxy resin, fast wet out.
Filament Winding Roving is soft and good integrity capacity , smooth and has better compatibility
with styrene
Roving density: 320tex~9600Tex.

Pultrusion roving

Mainly designed as reinforcements for thermoset resins used in pultrusion processes.
Roving density: 320tex~9600tex.

Panel roving

Panel Roving are specially designed as reinforcements for continuous laminate production
processes. The end products are FRP laminates which are of light weight, high strength, good
impact resistance and penetration for light, etc.
Roving density: 2400tex,4800tex.

Fiberglass roving for GRC

Fiberglass roving for GRC
ZrO2 content: 14.5% or 16.5%,
This product is mainly for cement or concrete reinforced,
Roving density: 2400tex, 4800tex.

Fiberglass roving for thermoset or thermoplastic reinforced

Fiberglass roving for thermoset or thermoplastic reinforced
Specially for PA,PP,PET,PBT,PC, BMC(bulk moulding compound) and other material reinforced.
Yarn density: 2400tex, 4800tex.

Fiberglass Roving for Gypsum Reinforced

Fiberglass Roving for Gypsum Reinforced.
This roving is especially used in fiberglass reinforced gypsum products, such as plate, decorative
material, sculpture, etc.
These reinforced products have many advanced properties;
higher strength, fire resistance,
sound insulation and lighter in weight.
Now, it is widely used in building construction and decoration areas.
Roving density: 2400tex.
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