Natura-Biotic is a leading company in development and supply of both high
performance and high temperature industrial fiberglass materials.  We are
focusing on high technological
                                      and other related fiberglass product manufacturing
and supply.
Our moral obligation is to provide a brief knowledge with complete product range within the
competitive price and client satisfaction to maintain long term business relationship.
Natura-Biotic is also a leading biotech and Chinese nutraceutical company
that uses proprietary processes for producing                                            
for animal farming industry,                                                          and                
                                           .  These techniques are used to manufacture and
formulate feed and food additives, supplemental and medicinal products. The
Company focuses on new product research to combine biotechnology and
Chinese medicinal technology to capture the increasing demand for
traditional Chinese medicines and health supplements, both domestically and

We see significant opportunities for the marketing of these natural products
and many of other bio-engineering products.

Natura-Biotic is a leading company in both
natural and industrial material development and supply.
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